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Top 5 construction project management challenges with solutions

Friday , January 13, 2023
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Top 5 construction project management challenges with solutions

Top 5 challenges in the construction industry

The top 5 challenges that you should know in construction are below.

Challenge 1: Setting the goals

Your goals are a measure of your construction project management success. However, sometimes the stakeholders need clarification about what they want to build or how to go about it. In addition, there are disagreements between the stakeholders in the same project.

The result may be undesirable disputes, delayed projects, and many problems, starting with the blame game. Therefore, our first step is to set clear and practical goals for the construction project.

The solution

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and TimeBound) is an acronym for the key characteristics of your goals. When compared with common goals, smart goals are harder to achieve, but in the long run, they are more practical and result oriented. Goal setting is not just to clarify the results but to develop a detailed program of action and define the project’s process.

Challenge 2: Communication & collaboration

Did you know that about 90% of a project manager's time is spent communicating? That's why better communication helps us with better project management. For effective communication, a project manager must clearly understand the 5 W's and one 'H' - "What, Who, Why, Where, When, and How".

The solution

The project manager should take ownership of initiating this conversation. And play a pivotal role in ensuring effective conversation between the parties involved. The good news is that technology helps much.

Challenge 3: Budgeting woes

There are many factors affecting  cost overruns, including internal and external.

Internal factors

  • Change in scope of the project
  • Ignorance or unrealistic estimates
  • Inadequate project management and rebuilds

External factors

  • Price escalations
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Resource shortage

The solution

The key is getting a steady cash flow, and the funds must be managed according to plan. This brings us back to planning, where you should predict mistakes. It is better to control your estimation techniques and expense tracking. For instance, using budgeting software or documentation software is helpful.

Challenge 4: Scheduling Issue

It is a given that construction schedules rarely highlight the accurate picture of work being executed, and even for a seasoned construction professional, scheduling can be tricky. There are troubles such as unrealistic resource projections, timelines, or trying to meet unrealistic goals...

The solution

You have to plan and estimate your tasks precisely. This is one of the areas in that technology has been contributing outstandingly. Many construction project management solutions assist you in having efficient time management. Investing in risk management, construction management scheduling, and quality management software is also good. That could be your perfect solution if you get everything in one software such as AECIS.

Challenge 5: Scope Creep

Change is inevitable. And when it comes to construction project management, it is widespread. However, if the project scope extends beyond the typical delays, roadblocks, or budget overruns, beware of scope creep.

The solution

It is helpful to set SMART goals help, create a backup plan helps, and constant communication and collaboration. A digital construction management solution helps much in doing away with the factors that make scope creep.

How can technology help us in project management?

With the construction industry adopting digitization, things have gotten more manageable. For example, a digital project document management tool can ensure that all parties access the same information. Even you can use a mobile phone to execute tasks quickly.

Project management software through AECIS not only collaborative planning, constraint mapping, and visualizing milestones. It also allows for better collaboration, frequent interactions, and daily progress reports from the construction sites ensuring that scope creep does not happen or can control it to an extent. With AECIS, you can get all your stakeholders to communicate effectively on one platform and in real-time. To know more, contact us for a trial.


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