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What is the importance of the Construction daily report, and how to create it better?

Tuesday , June 06, 2023
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What is the importance of the Construction daily report, and how to create it better?

Daily construction reporting is an essential tool that plays a crucial role in this industry that provides a comprehensive record of the project's progress, challenges, and accomplishments, serving as a valuable resource for project stakeholders.

This article will explore the importance of Construction daily reports and discuss strategies for creating them more effectively.

1. What is the Construction daily report?

Construction daily report is a document prepared and submitted by construction professionals to summarize the activities and progress of a construction project daily. It serves as a communication tool among project stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, project managers, and owners, to keep them informed about the project's status.

A Construction daily report aims to track the daily progress of construction activities; provide a detailed account of daily activities; allow all stakeholders to communicate; support managers make decisions; and identify and manage potential risks on the construction site.

2. Importance of Construction daily report

Maintaining a comprehensive record of daily activities through daily reports is a protective measure for yourself, your team, and your company in disagreements and disputes. These reports provide a factual account of events and offer insights into the conditions on the construction site related to a specific conflict. In addition, by relying on the trail of documented evidence, daily reports establish clarity regarding the roles, responsibilities, and accountability of all parties involved in the dispute.

Retaining daily reports long after the project's completion is crucial, as issues may surface months or even years later.

2.2 Daily Reports Benefit Your Client

The client's primary concern is witnessing the value of their investment in construction projects. In addition, clients seek reassurance that meticulous attention is given to their project and progress is being made. Construction daily reports update clients or investors on the project's current status, providing evidence that work has been diligently carried out on their behalf.

This helps build trust and maintain a positive client-contractor relationship by fostering a shared understanding and appreciation of the construction journey.

2.3 Keeping Track of Activities

Acknowledging that no individual can retain every detail in complex projects is essential. With numerous teams, contractors, activities, and materials on site, it becomes impossible to rely solely on memory. Daily reports are a valuable management tool for capturing and preserving information about daily project activities. These reports should encompass all pertinent details that may prove useful, such as contact information, responsibilities, and material quantities.

Daily reports also critically evaluate teams and tasks, enabling effective planning to accommodate variations, delays, or changes. They provide essential information for making informed decisions and adjusting project plans accordingly. 

2.4 Productivity, Performance, and Insight

Daily reports with detailed notes provide factual information on task, team, and work phase performance, highlighting obstacles and improvement opportunities. Tracking progress speed and completion times allows for accurate future planning, optimizing workforce allocation and project adjustments. Even small changes like selecting more efficient construction vehicles, can reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Daily reports facilitate coordination among various disciplines, ensuring smooth project delivery and preventing delays or conflicts. By prioritizing the prompt completion of tasks without hindering other teams, overall performance and operational value are improved.

3. How to take field reports to the next level

3.1 Embrace mobile-first tech

By encouraging field staff to utilize mobile devices and dedicated platforms, they can submit reports directly from the field, improving accuracy and timeliness. Look for a construction platform specifically designed for mobile use, such as AECIS. This platform has various features. One of them is Daily Report, which can Automated Delivery for Timely Reports.

Some solutions this platform brings to construction managers and all stakeholders include:

  • Aecis provides the solution for the automated delivery of customized reports at specific times based on the project's needs.
  • Users can configure the system with predefined schedules to automatically generate reports with the desired content and format.
  • The reports can be delivered via email or viewing directly in the app, saving time and improving communication. 

Daily reports should not exist in isolation but should be supplemented with relevant context and supporting documentation. Including references, hyperlinks, and photos within the reports allows readers to understand the reported events comprehensively. This saves time and effort for team members, promotes transparency, and aids future reference or dispute resolution.

AECIS - a construction management platform, can significantly assist managers in tracking and accessing up-to-date information through its extensive provision of photos, references, and hyperlinks. Such a platform acts as a centralized hub where managers can gather and analyze data related to their construction projects.

3.3 Keep team members accountable

Submitting daily reports and other administrative tasks may sometimes be overlooked or treated as low priority. However, ensuring these tasks are completed on time is essential for maintaining accurate project records and mitigating potential legal risks. 

By implementing AECIS that provides alerts and reminders, team members can be held accountable for fulfilling their reporting obligations. These reminders can help them stay on top of their responsibilities, reducing the chances of missing critical information and enhancing overall data accuracy.

3.4 Set up standardized templates

To maintain consistency and improve efficiency, creating standardized report templates for different types of daily reports is beneficial. These templates should outline the required information, such as progress updates, material quantities, workforce details, safety observations, and notable incidents.

By utilizing templates, teams and trades can quickly fill out the necessary information, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring that critical data is consistently captured. Standardized templates also facilitate easier data analysis and comparison across projects and enable smoother collaboration between different stakeholders involved in the reporting process. A project management platform like AECIS offers to you a solution to Set up standardized templates

4. How AECIS helps create winning construction daily reports in an actual project?

4.1 The Song Project

The Song Condotel is located in the most favorable location of the heart of Vung Tau City, in front of Thi Sach Street and next to the beautiful Thuy Van beach. The Song Vung Tau is a unique project that satisfies customers' satisfaction with the outstanding features of the ideal, modern, and sophisticated living space.

The Song Condotel has a total investment of VND 1,400 billion, with a scale of 36 floors and 2 basements, and more than 10,000m2 of commercial services are built according to 5-star standards and designed to be luxurious. Therefore, managing the construction process for this project has common challenges. For example, daily reporting on a large project like The Song is impossible if the leaders don't adopt technology to keep track. Furthermore, a lack of discipline in submitting daily reports such as forget, late submission, and outdated information, can cause several problems.

Some of the problems include:

  • Daily reports provide a clear record of activities and tasks completed each day. When reports are not submitted, holding individuals or teams accountable for their work becomes difficult. 
  • Missing daily report submissions results in losing crucial information necessary to track project progress accurately. Daily reports capture essential details like weather conditions, equipment usage, materials delivered, labor hours expended, etc 
  • Daily reports make it easier to conduct accurate project evaluations, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective measures.

4.2 Daily Report feature of AECIS

AECIS Daily Report offers numerous advantages to managers and stakeholders in the construction industry. Several features including automating the archiving, integrating, and distributing of daily reports can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project management.

Using the software allows stakeholders convenient access to the most up-to-date information, including progress updates and accompanying photos. This enables project leaders to identify potential issues or deviations from the plan early, facilitating proactive decision-making and problem-resolution.

4.3 What solutions AECIS brings to The Song Project?

By implementing the AECIS Daily Report module from the beginning until the completion of a project, all activities of The Song project were tracked on a daily basis. Especially in the stage where Structure, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and Finishing were executed simultaneously, all relevant information is promptly sent to the designated individuals, aiding timely decision-making throughout the project.

The Daily Reports generated by the AECIS module provide detailed information on the progress, challenges, and milestones achieved in each discipline with many photos in the field. For instance, in the simultaneous execution of Structure, MEP, and Finishing, the daily report will capture the status of each aspect, including the completion of structural elements, installation of MEP systems, and progress in finishing works.

By having access to up-to-date information through daily reports, project leaders can make informed decisions in a timely manner. They can identify potential conflicts, coordination issues, or delays between different disciplines and take appropriate actions to mitigate these challenges. This ensures that the project progresses smoothly and stays on track.


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5. Conclusion

In conclusion, daily reports are indispensable for effective project management. By implementing a management tool like AECIS, the leaders can track the construction progress more efficiently and effectively, drive project success and enhance their overall performance in the industry.

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