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Improve transparency in communication by using a software

Tuesday , June 20, 2023
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Improve transparency in communication by using a software

Effective communication is the ability to convey information, knowledge, and ideas in a manner that is received, comprehended, and acted upon as intended. In the construction sector context, effective communication plays a crucial role that can help to manage issues better.

1. What is the Role of Communication in Construction?

Poor organizational communication can lead to costly impacts on projects and overall success. These include increased health and safety issues; lack of clarity around goals: Misunderstandings between stakeholders due to poor communication can lead to inconsistent and conflicting project goals, hindering project success, delay project, and decreased reputation with customers.

Given these potential consequences, maintaining effective organizational communication is crucial to minimize adverse outcomes and help to manage project’s issues more effectively. 

The role of communication in construction

2. Communication challenges in construction

If your organization is facing communication challenges, it is crucial to identify its potential reasons. Here are common barriers to effective communication that can lead to managing project’s issues worse.

2.1 Missed or Overlooked Information

Without a reliable system in place to capture and track email replies for issue actions, there is a risk of important information being missed or overlooked. When team members communicate via email regarding specific issues, there may be instances where crucial details or updates get lost in the volume of incoming messages.

As a result, key actions or decisions necessary for issue resolution may be inadvertently overlooked, leading to delays, misunderstandings, or even the failure to address critical concerns.

2.2 Time-consuming and Complex Manual Tracking

The manual tracking of email replies for each issue can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Project managers, in particular, often handle multiple projects simultaneously, each with its own set of issues and corresponding email communications.

With a manual tracking approach, project managers are required to monitor and sift through numerous email threads, identifying relevant replies, and extracting actionable information. This not only demands a significant amount of time but also presents challenges in terms of systemizing the process across different projects.

2.3 Scattered Information Across Email Inboxes

The absence of a streamlined process to link email send-outs to issue actions can result in information being scattered across various email inboxes.

In a typical project environment, team members may be responsible for initiating and responding to emails related to issue management. Without a cohesive system in place, this can lead to fragmentation of information. 

For example, if a project manager sends out an email requesting updates on an issue, the subsequent replies from team members may be distributed across multiple inboxes, such as individual email accounts or shared mailboxes. 

As a consequence, when attempting to follow up on the complete story of an issue, it becomes challenging to access all the relevant information in a centralized and organized manner.

Communication challenges in the construction industry

3. What solutions AECIS brings to the construction industry?

AECIS - a project management platform that can help to communicate more effectively in  issues management through offering various features, including:

  • Streamlined Tracking: By linking all issue actions to email send-outs, the module provides a streamlined process for capturing and tracking email replies within the AECIS. This ensures that no email replies related to issue actions are missed or overlooked, allowing for comprehensive communication tracking.
  • Automated Integration: The module automates the integration of email communication within the AECIS, eliminating the need for manual tracking. This saves time and effort for project managers and reduces the chances of human error in data entry or categorization, improving the accuracy and completeness of the captured information.
  • Centralized Repository: With the module in place, all email replies are stored within the AECIS, creating a centralized repository of information related to issue actions. This enables easy access and review of the email history associated with each issue, promoting efficient collaboration, and facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Integrated construction technology to improve communication

In fact, AECIS also utilizes the  email as a communication channel for issue creation,  updates and reminders. This ensures that stakeholders are promptly informed and provides evidence of any reminder for pending issues.

Users have the flexibility to communicate through traditional email replies, which are automatically captured and recorded by AECIS. Additionally, they can provide comments or updates directly within the issue, triggering automated email notifications for recording purposes. This integrated approach streamlines communication and ensures comprehensive information recording..

AECIS acts as an assistant by proactively reminding the team about any overdue items or in-active issues. This feature helps the project team stay on track and reduces stress by ensuring that all on-site issues are being addressed in a timely manner.

4. AECIS help to resolve construction issues in a real-life project

4.1 SLP Xuyen A

SLP Park Long An project is the first project in the southern market, located in Duc Hoa district, Long An province, this project has a scale of 3 factories with a total construction floor area of more than 90,000 m2, meeting the needs of many investors.

Acting as a bridge between Ho Chi Minh City and 12 Mekong Delta provinces, SLP Park Xuyen A is considered as one of SLP's potential projects in the southern logistics market. It is also ideally located for developing e-commerce and related logistics clusters.

- 30 km from Ho Chi Minh City

- 25 km from Tan Son Nhat International Airport

SLP Xuyen A Project in Long An

4.2 AECIS Issue

The AECIS Issue Module is a highly efficient project coordination tool designed to facilitate the management and tracking of issues by project managers. It offers a comprehensive platform for documenting issues with key details such as descriptions, responsible parties, and deadlines. The module also provides regular status updates on issue progress.

This versatile module is suitable for tracking and resolving issues across different project domains. It ensures that all issue-related actions are linked to email send-outs, allowing for seamless capture and tracking of email replies within the AECIS platform. This integrated approach enhances communication and ensures that all relevant information is readily accessible for efficient issue resolution.

4.3 The value AECIS brings to the project team

By AECIS, the project team can send email as the second communication channel for issue creation, updates, and reminders. It ensures that stakeholders involved in the SLP Xuyen A project are promptly informed about any issues and provide evidence of reminders for pending issues. This improves transparency and accountability in issue management.

Users participating in the SLP Xuyen A project have the flexibility to communicate using traditional email replies. AECIS automatically captures and records these email interactions, ensuring that all relevant information is stored within the system. Additionally, users can provide comments or updates directly within the issue itself, triggering automated email notifications for recording purposes. This integrated approach streamlines communication and facilitates comprehensive information recording for efficient issue resolution.

AECIS serves as an assistant by proactively reminding the project team about any overdue items or inactive issues. This feature is particularly valuable for the SLP Xuyen A project, as it helps the team stay on track and ensures that all on-site issues are addressed in a timely manner. By reducing the risk of issues slipping through the cracks, AECIS helps alleviate stress and maintains project momentum.

5. Conclusion

Throughout this article, we have emphasized the importance of communication in the construction workforce. Therefore, you should consider communication a key skill you want your employees to demonstrate. 

Applying a management platform like AECIS in your project will help all team members communicate more transparently and effectively, thereby improving the quality of the construction work.

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