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How to expedite the construction submittals process?

Monday , October 17, 2022
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How to expedite the construction submittals process?

What are construction submittals?

According to Lexology, submittals consist of information provided by the contractor to the design professional for approval of equipment, materials, etc., before they are fabricated and delivered to the project. Submittals can be presented in various formats, such as shop drawings, cut sheets on equipment, and material samples.

Submittals are prepared and transmitted by a contractor or subcontractor to illustrate and explain how some portion of the work on the project is proposed to be carried out. Submittals can include shop drawings, diagrams, schedules, product data, brochures, samples, and even mock-ups.  A large project with dozens of subcontractors often has more than a thousand submittals.  Even a moderately sized project can have hundreds of submittals. 

Three common types of construction submittals

There are various kinds of construction submittals. However, shop drawings, material data, and product samples are the most common. 

Shop drawings

Shop drawings are the drawings or schedules prepared by the contractor to illustrate a portion of the work. They differ from the drawings in the design phase, showing how building components will look during construction. Shop drawings are not counted as a part of contract documents, so do not create the need to alter original design drawings to match the shop drawings. 

In a detailed manner, the shop drawings include dimensions, quantities, and design characteristics. They also lay out the dimensions of prefabricated products such as trusses, cast concrete, windows, appliances, millwork, and more.

Product samples

Besides shop drawings, product samples are the type of construction submittals. They include specimens such as soil, concrete, bricks, etc. These samples are provided to help the project team assess their aesthetic selection. Other models are mockups where a contractor can make a building component, such as a small wall, to show how windows, doors, and cladding will come together. 

These mockups are necessary when discussing the feasibility of a design concept. Product samples make judging a contractor’s artistry easy and establish the baseline for evaluating the final works. When the project designers approve material sample submittals, the samples are stored on-site and used for comparison to ensure the materials brought in match the pieces.

Material data

Material data involves information on materials such as dimensions, models, quantities, finishes, warranty details, etc. This data is crucial when checking compliance standards. Therefore, submittals on material data are most common on government projects.

How to improve submittals in construction?

A construction submittal plays a critical role in the overall construction process. They allow designers, engineers, and owners to know what their contractors are doing and what materials and items they plan on working on. So how to expedite the submittal process effectively? Digital submittals can speed up the submittal process and the review process.

Streamlined software will improve your submittal process. It will reduce manual errors and delays with automated workflows. Industry experts build AECIS with deep knowledge of improving submittals with unique features such as Submittal in AECIS software. Try to experience this software to foster the submittal process more quickly.

How to expedite the construction submittals process?
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