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How to conquer remote work challenges in construction

Friday , February 03, 2023
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How to conquer remote work challenges in construction

Nowadays, remote working in the construction industry has become more popular. A digital solution deployed correctly can make remote work more accessible, ensure on-site visibility, and improve efficiency. This article will discuss how the construction industry overcomes remote work challenges and the best solution for remote project management.

Monitor your employees in the cloud

Digital time tracking with cloud software lets project managers eliminate time wasting and manual time-tracking. Thus, HR and project managers can save time for more practical tasks using project management software such as AECIS. The senior manager can easily know all members' presence at the project or workplace. The data on the system can be used as a monthly timesheet.

Connect your data to your tasks

All construction companies must care for their teams' efforts to stay on top of their tasks and report critical updates in real-time. In a detailed manner, they must link the feedback directly to the respective tasks. Besides, the right people need access to the correct information.

There must be a transparent communication platform and path between stakeholders. Everyone could connect and see the impact of their latest updates on the overall plan in actual time.

Communicate with the remote team

Project managers must care about how often they communicate with team members. This will depend entirely on the management style, your construction project's needs, and your communication platform.

It is better to have a casual conversation and ask team members how or what they are working on at their working place. That improves team dynamics and builds rapport. Construction information management software or AECIS software allows accessible communication, document storage and exchange, data collection, and more.

Invest in training

Remote management success in construction mostly depends on the tools your organization implements. However, it also requires a solid digital strategy and your team members' commitment.

People, processes, and tools must all be perfectly aligned. That alignment can only be achieved with proper training and continuous investment in gaining your business and employees' digital maturity.

Plan for the future

Issues have shed light on some of the most significant problems that construction is battling against many things. Those are lack of accountability, administrative and mental workload, siloed communication, and more. Therefore, going digital with your reporting and planning processes is essential.

Talk less, listen more

When you constantly need to meet deadlines and consider budget restrictions, you will always have challenges, conflicts, interpersonal issues, and a lack of employee engagement.

While working remotely, you won't be able to gauge a person's feelings through digital cues like in an office. So the team managers must create an excellent digital environment, ask questions, and listen to them when they start talking. Discussion topics should be classified and monitored until confirmed by the stakeholders. The cross-platform flexibility in interacting and managing communication topics is one of AECIS's advantages.

Prioritize safety

The construction industry is more susceptible to workplace accidents than any other industry worldwide. Therefore, it is imperative to be sure that your construction sites comply with all the required safety regulations.

In addition, your on-site personnel should have everything to operate safely and productively. Safety issues need to be handled quickly and thoroughly. Good software such as AECIS can provide project managers and directors tools to effectively manage safety issues to achieve the above goal.

The construction industry can adapt quickly and take proper safety measures promptly and responsibly. By digitalizing systems and processes, companies are driving to foster positive long-term changes. If you are looking for good construction management software for better tracking, planning, communicating, and more, contact us for the AECIS trial.


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