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7 practical tips to reduce defects in construction projects

Wednesday , January 11, 2023
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7 practical tips to reduce defects in construction projects

Building defects are the crucial components of building problems that all construction firms must keep track of. It will result in a more wonderful experience for all stakeholders to understand the issue and take some simple steps to prevent defects from appearing in the first place.

What are general defects in buildings?

There are some common defects in buildings, including:

  • Seepage of water
  • Cracks in plastering
  • Structural cracks
  • Non-structural cracks
  • Defective external wall finishes
  • Poor bathroom plumbing
  • Water stains or rust are found on the surface.

7 tips to reduce defects in construction projects

Here are these tips for how to reduce construction defects:

Update everyone on the latest drawings

One general reason defects occur in construction is that sub-contractors may work from dated building drawings. These old drawings may include design errors. That has been rectified on the latest building models. Therefore, we should ensure all stakeholders update the freshest information because keeping updating will notably minimize these construction problems.

Select the right materials

The first thing is to source materials specified in the building plan. Besides, we should only use these as a crucial way of minimizing the number of building defects. It can be tempting to exchange one material for a cheaper choice. Additionally, it could depress you if it is later identified as the cause of a defect.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

It is equally important to ensure that subcontractors follow all the instructions on using a building material, especially if they are not yet familiar with it. Again, getting clarification from the architect or the lead contractor is better if there are any doubts.

Grow a culture of good communication

Defect management is solved better if there is a good communication culture on the construction site and with the owner and architect. Subcontractors should ask if they have doubts about the building plan. Then they can reach the person who is in charge quickly and easily. The site manager should be able to clarify issues.

Conduct daily or weekly quality inspections

The site manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of work on their site. Therefore, right from the beginning of the project, they should conduct frequent site walks to monitor the quality of work and identify any problems as early as possible. Above all, regular quality inspections can nip problems in the bud and avoid later remedial work.

Thoroughly document all decisions

If you must make changes to the structure that are not described in the building model, creating a written record explaining who made the decision and why is vital. By producing documents that contain this information, it is much easier for the contractor or subcontractor to explain their choices later and provide their rationale.

Conduct a thorough subcontractor evaluation

When you hire subcontractors for a job, it is essential to conduct a thorough evaluation of the company and a background check. You must consider this, primarily if you have not worked with them. It is also helpful to collect references, find out about internal quality assessment procedures, and verify that they have the correct licenses and certifications.

How to reduce defects in construction with technology?

One of the critical challenges with defect management is that it has traditionally been a very manual and time-intensive process. But this is improving thanks to digital technologies that speed up identifying and resolving building defects.

Reducing defects in construction projects can also save your business thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor. In truth, project management software through AECIS can assist in preventing defects by gaining the quality and potency of documenting the construction process. Defect management is even easier with a digital solution like AECIS. Contact us for a trial.


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